The Greyhound Inn

Road Route 2: Three Hills

This route packs in three good climbs. Probably slightly tougher to reverse it from the way shown. I mix it up depending on the wind direction.

We head out through Letcombe Basset, then up and over Sincome Hill before heading down the ‘Valley of the Racehourse’ to Lambourn via Sheepdrove. We double north, back passing the Noelithic Seven Barrows, up ‘Scary Hill’ and fly down Blowingstone Hill – slow down to stop at the junction at the bottom! Through Kingstone Lisle we drop to the valley floor, then loop back through Uffington and Woolstone, admiring the views of White Horse Hill, which you then have to climb… After the push up, we loop under the white horse itself, then fly down past Dragon Hill. Then it’s back home, through our neighbouring villages.

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