In the Press

We are very proud to have had some lovely things said about us in the media. Below you will find some of our latest mentions…

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“My guinea fowl was cooked to absolute unquestionable perfection and came with an entourage of lemon and tarragon Dauphine potatoes, roast lettuce, mushrooms and a garlic puree that made me very, very happy indeed.”
Toby Hambly, November 2018

“There might be creaky floorboards beneath thick carpet and a relaxed pick-and-mix of furniture sourced at auctions, but the beds are new and comfortable, and there are plenty of digital bells and whistles.”
James Stewart, October 2018
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“New Zealand-born Phil Currie is the head chef here and is turning out food that easily rivals – and betters – many high-end London destination restaurants.”
David Newton, October 2018
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“It’s the little touches that go a long way when it comes to finding a good quality place to stay, and these additions... stood out continually throughout our stay.”
Emily Cleary, October 2018
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“…It has been sensitively and beautifully refurbished throughout… The rooms are a modern interpretation of a traditional cottage. A mix of lavish spaces accessorised to the highest standard… and every detail is exquisite.”
Scott Whitlock, September 2018
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